Exporting Contacts from Voicenet.com email to Google Workspace


The transfer of contact information from the current webmail offerings (Horde and Roundcube) into the Google Workspace environment (Gmail) is quite easy. It requires the export of your contact information from the Voicenet Webmail interfaces and then importing into your new Google Workspace account


Exporting contacts from Horde:

Log into Horde

Click on “Address Book” from the menu bar at the top of the webmail interface:


Within the menu pane on the left, select import/export:


In the area labeled “Export Address Book” make sure the drop-down for the export format is set to “Comma-separated values” and if you have multiple address books, the book you wish to export is selected within the drop-down menu.


Then click the button for “Export”. This will download a data file containing your stored contact information.



Exporting contacts from Roundcube:

Log into Roundcube

In the top-right menu area, click on the option for “Contacts”

Make sure all the contacts you wish to export are listed in the “Contacts” column


Click on the button for “Export” in the top left menu section and select “Export All”


This will download a file containing your contacts information



Importing Contacts into Google Workspace:


Log into Google Mail at https://gmail.com


Click on the square of dots in the top right area:


In the drop-down menu for available Apps, click on “Contacts”


This will take you to the Contacts App


In the left menu pane select “Import”


In the Pop-up window, Click on the “Select File” button:


Navigate to the folder where you saved your export file from the above step, select the file, then click on the “Open” button


You will then return to the previous window, with the file now listed:


Click on the “Import” button.


After the file is processed you will be returned to the main window for Contacts, and your entries should now be viewable, and usable: